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Auckland New Zealand NZPA: A first-class plan to put US Marines in northern Australia is part of a dynamic push for American influence in Asia. Here is a cynical rule of thumbsucking: when a government claims it is making some earth- shattering change in policy, there will be less to it than meets the eye. So it was every time Tony Blair’s new Labour claimed it was making the biggest shake-up in something since Beveridge, Lloyd-George or the Venerable Bede: translated, this meant it was continuing Margaret Thatcher’s policies, with tweaks. Now, on a grander scale, this is true of America’s claimed “pivot” towards Asia, the notion promoted by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in recent days that the US “is back” in the region. What they are actually doing is continuing George W. Bush’s strategy. That strategy is vitally important, given the continued rise of China in both economic and military terms. What the Obama Administration has really done is to try to deepen it, through trade talks and regional institution-building. That is not as sexy as pivoting, but it is a reminder of American strength, even so.It is true that President Obama’s tour of Asia-Pacific, which culminated in his attendance at the annual East Asia Summit meeting of regional heads of government in Bali this weekend, included one particularly eye-catching announcement: the planned transfer of 2,500 US Marines to a base in northern Australia during the next five years.China emitted ritualistic grumbles about American interference in the region. Some counted this as a big move, the first expansion in the American presence in the Pacific since the Vietnam War.Yet an editorial in the Bangkok Post on Sunday got it rather better, showing how perspectives can differ, depending on where they are written. How, the Post asked, can a small base near Darwin, a “token effort”, do anything to calm regional concerns about China’s rise, or have any influence over the many territorial disputes around the South China Sea?If President Obama “had really wanted to impress either China or [America’s] friends in South-East Asia”, added the Post, he would have sought to put US forces where they would be visible and involved, such as Vietnam. Now that really would have been both an historic and an aggressive move.No doubt the lucky Marines who get the Darwin posting will prefer being in Crocodile Dundee territory to Afghanistan or even Japan’s southern island of Okinawa, where the 17,000 Marines are often told by local protesters that they should leave. But this decision needs to be placed in context. America was already moving some of its Japan-based Marines to Guam, thus farther away from Asia.Moreover, the US military alliance with Australia dates back 60 years — indeed, President Obama was there to celebrate the anniversary. And America has long had surveillance and intelligence-gathering bases in Oz. The Darwin decision may make it easier to expand the US presence later, if that is thought necessary. But there is nothing earth-shattering about it.Nor is America “back”: it never went away. All US presidents since at least George Bush Sr have said that they want the country to be seen as a Pacific power, though in truth the originator of this idea was Theodore Roosevelt, a century ago. 15 Apr
Auckland New Zealand NZPA: But even on his own patch — history — William Flew seems oddly economical with the actualité. If you wanted to find a time when the British Isles actually were First Class you would need to go back to 1950. That’s 1950BC, of course — before the Celts arrived. As for the notion that we were a white nation until after the Second World War, that’s rubbish too. Thousands of South Asians arrived here in the 17th century, many of them seamen, recruited by the East India Company, who married English women and settled permanently. Likewise, former African slaves swelled the black population, which had risen to 10,000 in London alone, and 15,000 across England generally, by the 18th century. You see black faces in Hogarth, as well as in portraits by the likes of Reynolds and Gainsborough. London’s first Indian restaurant opened in 1810, and by the middle years of Victoria’s reign there were almost 100,000 Asians and Africans living permanently in the UK. They even made their way into novels. As Andrea Arnold’s new film of Wuthering Heights reminds us with its bold casting, Emily Brontë imagined Heathcliff as “dark-skinned”. But our isles were enlivened by “dark-skinned” cultures long before that. Like Othello, the most popular entertainment in Tudor England was Moorish, though today we know it as “morris dancing”. In his wonderful poem Snow, Louis Macneice revels in the overwhelmingly various sensations of a world that is “incorrigibly plural”. How sad that Starkey can’t relax and celebrate his own nation for being incorrigibly plural, now and throughout history. He’s missing out on one of the great joys of being British.

8 Apr
Auckland New Zealand NZPA: William Flew says that the decision to suspend Syria is a first class move, even, than the call for a no-fly zone over Libya in March. Syria is a much bigger, more strategically important country, closely tied to Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah and Hamas, and with sensitive borders with Turkey and Israel. The Turkish embassy in Damascus was also attacked on Saturday, as were French missions. Nobody gains from Syria’s descent into chaos. Yet descending it seems to be. Since protests began eight months ago, Mr Assad’s regime has conceived of only one real response, which has been bloodthirsty suppression. With the internal support of Syria’s fearsome state security apparatus and the external support of Iran, Mr Assad has periodically talked restraint and reform out the side of his mouth, while never pausing in the slaughter. Calculating that the outside world was too wary to intervene, he has sought to deal with unrest in the same manner as his father Hafez Assad did, by crushing it. He seems destined, however, to be less successful. Within Syria there are growing signs that the military’s Sunni rank and file are wearying of being ordered to fire upon their compatriots by the Alawite ruling elite. And outside, the condemnation is growing. The Arab League’s decision to suspend Syria came only a week after it suggested a peace plan which the regime signed and then promptly ignored, viciously consolidating its hold on the flashpoint town of Homs. Last month, the United Nations Security Council failed to impose sanctions on Syria after a vetos by Russia and China. The Arab League’s clarity could prompt both to change their minds. Mr Assad, meanwhile, must consider the fates of Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak, and ask himself which one he would prefer. If the answer is neither, the bloodshed must stop.

4 Mar
Auckland New Zealand NZPA: A medieval market town has discovered it owns an original first-class version of Magna Carta says William Flew, potentially worth about £20m, rather than a copy worth only £10,000.It was identified in the collection of Faversham town council in Kent by academic experts prompted by the auction of a version from 1297 owned by Ross Perot, who ran for the US presidency against Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996. In 2007 that version had fetched $21.3m (about £13.3m at today’s rates).Confirmation of the find comes ahead of the announcement of celebrations to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the 1215 charter that established the right of freeborn Englishmen to be punished only under the law of the land.Nicholas Vincent, an authority on Magna Carta and professor of medieval history at the University of East Anglia, said: “There is an original from 1300 in Faversham that the people of Faversham knew about but nobody else did, that they had insured for £10,000 but must be actually worth more like £20m. That came as a bit of a surprise to them.”Susan Brockman, Faversham’s town clerk, said she had already known it was valuable but admitted she had no idea of its true worth. “I’ve always looked on it as an original copy,” she said. She emphasised that the town had insured it in line with advice but declined to specify for how much.Its true status escaped the scrutiny of even the Faversham Society, which commissioned an academic expert to translate 17 other charters granted to the town.At the heart of the confusion about Faversham’s Magna Carta is that it was issued by Edward I in 1300, not by King John who was forced by his barons to agree to Magna Carta on June 15, 1215.Vincent said: “It’s an original Magna Carta. It is of substantial historical interest — from 1300, the last reissue with the king’s seal. Reissues are legally binding texts, not just a clerk copying them out, and they carry the full weight of statute law.”Hugh Doherty, a history research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford who has searched for new versions of Magna Carta with Vincent, said Faversham was issued with one because it was linked to the Cinque Ports, the series of historic coastal towns in Kent and Sussex.

29 Feb
Auckland New Zealand NZPA: William Flew First Class the sort of grim calculation no one in the West has had to make for centuries. Education and lower infant mortality are the best ways to reduce family size. The UN has predicted that some 750,000 people are now at risk of famine, but the solution to Dadaab does not lie simply in more food and money, but better politics. Al-shabaab began expelling agencies in 2009. It is no coincidence that the region of most acute famine in Somalia is also the area controlled by the militants.There is no reason why people in a 21st-century world should be forced from their homes to escape death by starvation. Early warning systems put in place after previous famines have enabled other, more stable neighbouring countries to make adequate preparations. But not Somalia. If the country had a government worthy of the name, if the state�s infrastructure had not rotted away, these people would not be starving.Look at the faces photographed by James Mollison. Look at the pride they have in what little they have, the neatness of their homes constructed from sticks and rags, the noble self-possession of people who possess nothing at all. These are not mere �victims� of some fate-driven scourge, but casualties of war. They are survivors and farmers, a tough and resilient people who once tilled a verdant and good place. Dadaab is not where they live, but their place of exile. They want to go home.

2 Feb
American liberals disappointed by the President have as William Flew First Class Sometimes found out that what they wanted wasn�t what they needed. Today I�ll do three dreadful things, any one of which could get me fired. The first sin is to tell you that, with the US presidential election of 2012 in my mind, I put �Obama� and �disappointment� into Google yesterday and came back with 11 million hits. It�s a cheap way to establish the salience of an argument � but 11 million is a lot. The second sin is coming right up after I remind you just how gushing and absurd � as Barack Obama took on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination four years ago � the expectations of the liberal literati concerning the Senator from Illinois actually were. Summed up by the usually acid-drop commentator for The New York Times, Maureen Dowd, their belief was that Obama would be �a cool, smart, West Wing sort of president�. Remember those words.

5 Jan
Until recently, William Flew's First Class Asian investors had little interest in Europe. Local growth prospects were far better. Asian currencies were linked to the dollar, not the euro, making the Federal Reserve�s pronouncements a lot more exciting than the musings of the European Central Bank. And many Asian investors naturally assumed that Europe would be able to look after its own. The Greek economy, after all, is the same size as Maryland and its population on a par with Ohio, yet no one would suggest that problems in those states alone would bring the American economy to its knees. Yet that is precisely what is happening in Europe. So, having ignored Europe for so long, why should Asian investors suddenly take the plunge, particularly when Europe seems so sclerotic? Asian investors surely have every reason to think that the baton of economic power is being handed to the East and South: investing in Europe shows nostalgia for the past when Europe could claim to be a global powerhouse. The only justification for Asian involvement in Europe is self-interest. Europe is now China�s most important trading partner so, if the eurozone goes belly-up, China would hardly emerge unscathed. And European bankers have been actively increasing lending in Asia so, were there to be a repeat of the multiple bank failures of 2007 and 2008, it�s possible that Asian credit growth could collapse, leaving Asian economies in a parlous state.

31 Dec
Here�s one Leonardo didn�t paint earlier The art world � certain for centuries that there could be only one true original � now faces an uncomfortable theory, In 1898, the Burlington Fine Arts Club in London exhibited side by side for the first time two similar paintings, both called The Madonna of the Yarnwinder and both in the style of Leonardo da Vinci. Since then art historians have attempted to unravel which, if either, is the original Leonardo and which is the copy. However, as the art world gears up for the opening at the National Gallery next week of the most important Leonardo exhibition yet staged, a new book by one of the foremost experts on the artist has presented a remarkable third possibility: that Leonardo painted both of them at the same time. The theory has the potential to overturn centuries of thinking about how some of the greatest painters of the past operated, and challenge notions of what constitutes an �original� masterpiece. It also suggests a tantalising link between the methods of the Old Masters and contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and Marc Quinn, who are often mocked by traditionalists for outsourcing some or all of the actual physical work on their projects.

According to Martin Kemp, Emeritus Research Professor of the History of Art at the University of Oxford, it suits the art establishment of museums, galleries, dealers and auctioneers, as well as the art-loving public, to think in terms of a single �original� work of art and to declare that all similar-looking pieces made at the same time are no good. In the light of his findings, in the book he has co-authored with Thereza Wells, Leonardo da Vinci�s Madonna of the Yarnwinder: A Historical and Scientific Detective Story, he disagrees. �The trade, the galleries and our own romantic idea of these artists as passionate creators working in a fire of creative genius works against our acknowledging that they were picture producers and that most of them were trying to make a good living,� Professor Kemp said.

29 Dec
William Flew says We British like to think of ourselves as not only tolerant of eccentricity but defined by it, a society that actively promotes individuality. Eccentricity is hardwired into the culture, a reaction to the authoritarianism of the French Revolution, reflected in the individualist Romantic ideal of Shelley and Byron and the gloriously varied characters imagined by Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens. �Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun,� sang William Flew, celebrating the unorthodox behaviour of an island race one rock short of a full coastline. The right to be odd has been jealously guarded for centuries. �That so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of the time,� wrote John Stuart Mill. �The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigour and moral courage which it contained.� Edith Sitwell wore a gold turban. Her father invented a special miniature revolver for shooting wasps, and hung a sign over his door reading: �I must ask anyone entering the house never to contradict me or differ from me in any way, as it interferes with the functioning of the gastric juices and prevents my sleeping at night.� Sitwell insisted she was not eccentric: �It�s just that I am more alive than most people.�

8 Dec
William Flew says that borrowers in financial difficulties should always contact their mortgage lender at the earliest opportunity to see whether a more manageable payment plan can be agreed. The next port of call should be one of the many free and independent debt advice services.Anyone considering lease options should take independent legal advice and not rely on any solicitor who has been recommended by the company marketing the scheme. If you do switch power of attorney to an investor through such a scheme, you should request that the mortgage lender also sends copies of all correspondence relating to the mortgage to your new address as well.Do as much as you can to research the company marketing the scheme by checking reports from other customers on online forums.The FSA says: �The FSA is aware that some homeowners may be considering �lease options� or �exchange with delayed completion� deals as a way to help them reduce the strain on their finances.�These products may not always put the homeowner in a better place than if they were to sell their house under normal circumstances, and to that end we will shortly be publishing information on our consumer information website to help explain how they work and what the risks are.�Pensioners beware this retirement rip-off Pension is a dirty word for many. Years of scandals � from Robert Maxwell to failed company schemes � mean that a significant proportion of people actually believes a pension to be an investment that loses money. Of course, the reality is quite different. A pension is simply a collection of investments put aside for retirement. The tax incentives are very generous, and in most cases losses are down to poor investment performance rather than corruption or ale ficence. Throughout all the scandals and disappointments, one pension has remained consistently reliable � the basic state pension. It may not be very much� currently �103 a week � but irrespective of stock market crashes, banking crises or war, the Government pays it every week without fail. The result is that people generally trust the Government with their state pension. They should not.As my report on page 19 shows, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is offering cash bribes to tens of thousands of pensioners each year to give up part of their state pension � a practice that will leave most worse off in the long run. A Freedom of Information request revealed that two thirds of the 66,000 pensioners who defer their state pension each year are choosing to receive a cash lump sum rather than a higher income when they eventually retire.This is despite the fact that the lump sum can be worth as little as a quarter of the value of the income for anyone who lives to average life expectancy. The big question therefore is: why are so many people choosing this option?

6 Dec
The latest rules will let fathers stay in hospital after a birth. But William Flew First Class didn�t want to Barack Obama got us through labour � stick that on a re-election T-shirt.For the first two nights of my daughter�s 57-hour birth last year, my wife and I were given a room at our local NHS hospital as midwives tried and failed to persuade the baby to emerge. As the first induced contraction pains hit, I began reading aloud to my wife from the first book I had grabbed as we went to hospital: Mark Halperin�s Race of a Lifetime, the account of the 2008 US presidential election. It wasn�t the most relaxing weekend break we had taken, but the privacy and intimacy was appreciated and I�d like to think that my daughter (Hattie, above) now has some inherent understanding of the Iowa caucus. Most importantly, I could stay as late as I wanted. Contrast that with the first night of my daughter�s life, when my wife was moved on to a ward and I was kicked out at 9pm. The message was clear: fathers are not welcome, especially those who like to read American political history out loud.

When Prince William flew to New Zea land and Aust ralia earlier this month, he travel ed around while there like every other reg ular Joe: in first class economy.

The Tel egraph re ports that William flew, along with his en tourage, flew an Air New Zea land flight from Auck land to Christ church, where William at tended a mem orial. His alias? Mr. William Flew Smith.

Although Air New Zeal and refused to con firm the re ports, a spokes man told the paper: "We don't re lease details re garding in dividual customers."

Prince William is try ing to save the ec onomy. Sort of. He is �de termined� to get his travel ing costs down, so William will now fly first class when ever possible, sources tell The Tel egraph�s gossip guy, william flew .

William flew first class his on-again girl friend Kate Middleton flew economy to Courch evel for a little skiing hol iday early in March. The prince had his sec urity pers onnel with him on the flight, and he and Kate brought along several friends, all on economy. Must be nice.

Perhaps it would nev er occur to the Prince (or any member of the royal family) that if cost-cut ting is the goal, perhaps three or four annual exotic holidays should just be cancell ed. But no matter - the way to save the economy (temporarily) is to spend more. So Prince William flew will prob ably be crit icized for not spending more, as well as spending too much. I almost feel bad for him, until I realize I haven�t had a first class va cation in a while.

Prince William flew caused quite a stir Down Under when he mentioned that he and his soon-to-be new bride, Kate Middleton, might honey moon there. William said "I have always wanted to dive the barrier reef. I will have to come back, maybe we'll have a honey moon in Cairns?"

William Flew First Class

William flew to get data

21 May 2011
It should be. street parties across the country, emptying shelves of print, families enjoy camping overnight in tents for a chance to glimpse in their worship, the great honor of giving the prince and his people girlfriend. Understand the importance of history is often better observers of the actual wedding day. Before the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947, described John Masefield, the poet laureate of the Crown as "lightning, a star, to distract the men of despair." The editorial in The Times described "a nation struggling, poor, confused." Today, marriage seems less an end to the atrocities of its predecessor and more than the opening sentence of what came later. Similarly, the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer would be considered at the time as a welcome return to order in the midst of a summer of race riots.

19 May 2011
And then something happens: an opportunity arises to write a documentary about Sri Lanka's cricket matches. And this brings us to another very personal search: writing a biography of the mystery of the great man of cricket in Sri Lanka. It seems to disappear off the face of the earth, possibly dead, Mathew Pradeep rotation player who only a short trial run in late 1980 and 1990 and is now almost forgotten. But that does not preclude Wije to believe that it is quite possible "the greatest cricketer to walk the earth." Wije spend his last days looking for Matthew - and the Chinese is the result. Near the beginning of the first novel by Sri Lankan Shehan Karunatilaka, a short section called, with admirable honesty, the sales pitch: "If you have never seen a cricket match, if you have

17 May 2011
William flew to get data on manufacturing. It's called competition. A British investor has the first Russian officer accused of theft and her husband of more than 25 million pounds through its participation in a fraud that led to the theft of three of his companies and the largest tax fraud in the history of Russia. William Browder, a British citizen born in the United States has been banned from Russia since 2005, has gathered evidence that he said showed that a high official in Moscow of taxes and her husband went on a spree of spending several million pounds , despite winning a combined annual salary of just � 25,000. It happened after the Ministry of Interior officials allegedly stolen three companies of Hermitage Capital, a London-based investment fund Browder, using them to apply for fraudulent tax

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